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It is designed to scale to the needs of small, medium, and large content publishers. A version of InCopy CS2 is available directly from Adobe for smaller creative workgroups. Medium-to-large publishers can acquire powerful editorial solutions based on InCopy CS2 and InDesign CS2 from third-party developers and systems integrators.

InCopy CS2 for smaller creative workgroups includes editorial workflow technology that enables designers and editors to work on the same InDesign CS2 document simultaneously without interfering with each other’s work. Thanks to shared technology between InCopy CS2 and InDesign CS2, editors have 100% accurate information about line breaks and consistent visual feedback about the page design, so they can copyfit text with complete insight into how the copy and design interact. This support for parallel workflows reduces the number of review and revision cycles, and ultimately streamlines the time it takes to get publications to market. It also puts copy-fitting control back in the hands of editors who have more control over the integrity of their editorial content.

Adobe InCopy CS2 delivers new features that enhance your editorial productivity, improve your ability to visualize your copy in the context of the evolving layout, and significantly improve parallel workflows between you and your designers. These new features are described in detail in What's New in Adobe InCopy CS2, which you can find on The top 10 new features in InCopy CS2 are:

Assignments workflow Work with assignment files that contain only the InDesign CS2 elements you need to view and edit, ranging from a specific area of a page to an entire document. View, manage, and track status and see when changes occur in InDesign CS2 so you can update your information in InCopy CS2.

Ability to contribute graphical content Easily place, scale, crop, and rotate images and artwork in graphics frames that designers have assigned to you.

Drag and drop text Drag and drop selected text from one area to another as you edit your copy.

Paste without formatting Automatically strip formatting from copy as you paste it from one location to another in InCopy CS2, or from a source application, such as Microsoft Word or e-mail, to your InCopy CS2 file. The pasted text then inherits the formatting applied to its new destination.

Flexible dictionary management Create and reference multiple dictionaries, including linking to shared dictionaries on a network. Easily import and export word lists from your dictionaries.

Automated text macros Define text macros to speed entry of frequently used phrases in your copy. Type the macro shortcut—for example, WH for White House—followed by a space, and the shortcut automatically converts to the intended text.

Custom change-tracking display Customize the way tracked changes are displayed onscreen.

Notes mode Work with notes in the intuitive way editors prefer, with a single, context-sensitive keystroke to convert selected text into a note, a note into text, or to split notes.

Enhanced Microsoft Word import Easily resolve character and paragraph style conflicts when you open and import files from Microsoft Word, RTF, and TXT files. Customize how styles are mapped, preserve local overrides while removing all applied styles, and save all of your settings in a preset for future use.

Standalone copyfit Set copyfit rules yourself if the actual layout has yet to be defined. Enter values for such parameters as page size, column width, and character count, and begin to create copy to fit your needs