Tweaking - Registry Compressor 1.1.0

The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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First and foremost, this program does NOT remove or add anything to the registry. This is not a registry cleaner or scanner.

Just like databases the registry can become bloated and large when there has been a lot of additions and deletions from the registry. When this happens the system can become slower and use more CPU as programs and the operating system take longer to read and write to the registry, just like any other database.

This program does NOT remove or add anything to the registry. What it does is it rebuilds the registry to new files, when this happens all the overhead is gone and the registry is smaller and faster.

Microsoft offers a manual way to do this: How to Compress "Bloated" Registry Hives

Thanks to this program you can now do it with one click.

What's New:

  • Per user request the program now supports the command line /silent or /s and can now also reboot the system if you want it to.
  • Code changes and cleanup, program is now 330kb smaller :-)