Dolphin Android Gesture simplifies the way you navigate the mobile web. Open any of your favorite websites with just the touch of your fingertip. Say goodbye to typing and let Dolphin Android Gesture transform the way you interact with your Smartphone or Tablet. Bring up by drawing a heart. Scroll up and down the page by drawing arrows. Or create your own Gesture by drawing any symbol. Click here to watch how it works.

Dolphin Sonar: Android Voice Control

Dolphin is excited to present the most innovative way to browse with your Android voice control! Our latest feature, Dolphin Sonar, allows you to search, share and navigate by shaking your phone and telling Dolphin what to do. Here’s how it works:

  • Search: Just say what you want to search for.
  • Share: Just say “share”.
  • Navigate: Just say browser functions like “new tab” or the name of a website like “BBC.”

One-tap Share

Right from Dolphin, you can tweet web pages, post them on Facebook, share them via email or send them to you friends instantly through a shared Wi-Fi.

  • Facebook – share a webpage and tag friends instantly
  • Twitter – Tweet a webpage and tag friends
  • Email – Send title and link to any email
  • Wi-Fi Broadcast – Share with your friends by quickly sending them a web page instantly through a shared Wi-Fi


Grab web content while browsing Dolphin and save it directly to Evernote or Box. Capture articles, research, travel deals, and more while on the go. It’s so easy.

  • Evernote (Beta) – Clip webpages and add your own personalized title, tag, comments, and keep organized in your notebooks
  • Box – Save webpages to a specific directory in your Box account as a PDF

Dolphin Connect: Sync and Send from Mobile to Desktop

Dolphin picks up where you left off. So you don’t even need to think about it.

Send to Device:

  • Send URLs, a phone number, directions, or photos between your computer and connected devices with Chrome/Firefox/Safari desktop extensions.


  • Sync mobile to desktop: Use extensions to sync tabs and bookmarks
  • Sync mobile to mobile: Sync bookmarks/tabs/history/passwords from device to device

User Agent

Switch between desktop and mobile view according to your needs with the Dolphin Android User Agent. View mobile mode for compact information or full functionality with desktop. You can also switch the target site layout between Android, iPhone or iPad sites. If you like it, check out Desktop Toggle Add-on.


Beef up your Dolphin by installing your favorite Android Add-ons. With 50 Android Add-ons and counting, you can install the Add-ons for the tasks you need at your fingertips. Forgot password? Password Manager can help. Want a new look for your Dolphin? Download Shiny Shake to change colors. Want to read a webpage in French? Get Dolphin Translate.


Dolphin enables a better browsing experience with Multi-Touch Zoom. Find it hard to read webpages in desktop view? Dolphin Multi-Touch Zoom solves that problem. Pinch your fingers on the screen and make the text bigger or smaller. Double tap the target area to zoom in and out. Dolphin automatically fits the text to any screen size.

Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed browsing makes browsing the mobile web as easy as on a desktop. Add tabs at the top of your screen and manage them in window or tab format. No need to leave your webpage to shuffle through open sites, Dolphin makes it easy to multi-task.


Make the best of a limited mobile interface via Dolphin SideBar. With Dolphin, you can swipe to the Right SideBar and Left SideBar to quickly launch additional features. Swipe left to switch to full screen or your favorite Add-ons. Swipe right to browse your bookmarks and folders.

What's New:


  • Dolphin Jetpack 6.1.0 integration on Android 4.3 and 4.4 devices
  • Better flash playing experience; How to play flash in Dolphin
  • Better fullscreen experience for HTML5 videos
  • Auto-fit web content when pinch to zoom under desktop mode

Check out more features provided by 3rd party developers at