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New Features:

  • List view.
  • Theme and Accent customization.
  • Track account bans with Steam API key.
  • Quick timeout selections.
  • Close on login toggle setting.

Core Features:

  • 1-click Steam logins for multiple accounts with 2FA support.
  • Your 'Shared Secret' can be found in your decrypted .maFile generated from SteamDesktopAuthenticator.
  • Auto login a selected or the most recently used account.
  • Remember Steam password for next independent run.
  • Encrypts saved user password.
  • Set number of accounts per row.
  • Set button size ranging between 50-200px.
  • Import/Export accounts.
  • Start with Windows.
  • Start minimized.
  • Minimize to tray.
  • Data password protection.
  • Set/Clear account timeouts.
  • Delete userdata folder after every login toggle.
  • Set custom sleep time for waiting actions.
  • Toggle Steam client launch parameters.