This powerful, multi-platform Git client has the same intuitive user interface on Windows, macOS and Linux:

  • graphical merge and commit history
  • drag and drop commit reordering, merging or rebase

Use your SmartGit license on as many machines and operating systems you like. SmartGit is free for non-commercial use and runs on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Everything Included.

No need to install and configure additional tools.

SmartGit includes:

  • command line Git client (Windows, macOS)
  • Graphical Merge and Commit History
  • Git-Flow
  • SSH-client
  • File Compare
  • File Merge ("Conflict Solver")

Adopt to Your Needs and Workflows.

A commercial Git client should support your work-flows. You can customize SmartGit in various ways:

  • Preferences for Merging, Rebasing
  • Layout of certain views,
  • External tools,
  • External or built-in Compare or Conflict Solver tools,
  • Keyboard shortcuts,
  • Toolbars,
  • Syntax coloring,
  • Light and dark themes

Interacting with popular platforms.

SmartGit comes with special integrations for GitHub, BitBucket and BitBucket Server (former Atlassian Stash) to create and resolve Pull Requests and Review Comments.

Of course, you can use SmartGit like any other Git client with your own Git repositories or other hosting providers (e.g. GitLab).


Focus on what is really important: SmartGit/Hg will ask only when it needs a decision, but doesn't bother you with underlying technical constraints.

All inclusive.

There is no need to install and configure additional tools: SmartGit/Hg comes with a built-in SSH client, a File Compare and 3-Way-Merge.

Powerful features.

Reorder commits before pushing, commit individual lines within a file, resurrect lost commits and many more.

One for all.

Use SmartGit/Hg for Git, Mercurial or SVN. On Mac, Windows and Linux. Purchase once and use on all of your favorite platforms.

Popular webservices.

Clone from GitHub, Assembla and other hosting providers. Identify team-mate commits by their gravatars.

Optimal overview.

See your repository state at one glance: your working tree, Git's Index, available branches, which commits need to be pushed.

What's New:

Performance, Performance, Performance

  • In this release we concentrate on further performance improvements, and on reducing the memory usage for large repositories.
  • Especially common operations with a lot of files involved (add, commit, ...) work much faster now with Git 2.25+.

Log Graph with unified Working Tree/Index Node

  • In the Log Graph, Working Tree and Index nodes have been unified to one node to be more compact. The node now always sticks to HEAD which is less distracting, especially if an older commit is checked out.

Files view: separate Working Tree and Index

  • A lot of new users are used to having separate lists for Working Tree and Index changes. Now you have the option to see all changes in one list or have them separated into 2 lists.
  • If no or all files are staged, the second empty list will automatically be hidden.

Dark Theme improved

  • For the dark theme refs are now also shown darker.

Remove Worktree

  • It is now possible to remove worktrees directly without workarounds.

First-Parent History Improved

  • First-parent history is now built from core Git data and works well with huge repositories.
  • When showing only the current's branch history ('Follow Only First Parents' option is selected), stashes are now shown in compact form, too. They can be expanded by mouse-click.

Filtering Improved

  • Filtering now matches inside the name or path, except for regular expression filtering when ^ or $ are used.

Offline Gravatar Cache

  • If you don't want being accessed, you may prepopulate the gravatar-cache directory with images in the form or email-md5-hash.jpg to actually see the images, even if the access is disabled.

Installation Instructions for Windows

  1. if you have an older SmartGit version installed, exit SmartGit (use Project|Exit; there should be no more SmartGit tray icon),
  2. unpack the downloaded file,
  3. launch the installer and follow the instructions

Installation Instructions for Mac

  1. if you have an older SmartGit version installed, quit SmartGit,
  2. unpack the downloaded file (e.g. by double clicking it) and move the application directory structure to a directory of your choice (typically /Applications)
  3. if you prefer, drag'n'drop the application to the dock to create an icon

Installation Instructions for Linux

  1. unpack the downloaded file into a directory of your choice,
  2. ensure, that the correct Java Runtime Environment is installed on your system,
  3. start the application by using the launcher script from the bin directory

If the application fails to start, e.g. because you have an incompatible JRE version on your system, it might be necessary to set the SMARTGITJAVAHOME environment variable to the root path of the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 from SUN. To create an icon on your desktop, you'll find suitable images in different sizes in the bin directory.