Being online at any time and any place is what smartphones are all about. But this continuous connectivity comes with a pretty annoying drawback: high power consumption, hence short battery life.

It is ready to go right after installation: the preset modes are the perfect way to easily gain precious hours of battery life - it's literally as easy as one tap!

And if you want to go under the hood, you can tweak everything to your unique needs, because JuiceDefender is also fully customizable through a clean and intuitive user interface.

Once configured, JuiceDefender runs by itself, improving your battery life in a fully automated manner.


Packed with features and fully customizable, JuiceDefender optimizes power consumption to give you extra hours of precious battery life.


JuiceDefender runs by itself, improving battery life behind the scenes by intelligently managing the battery-draining components of your phone.

Easy to use

Tired of wandering through menus all the time? JuiceDefender simplifies and automates battery saving through an easy to use interface.


  • 5 preset profiles (from default mode to full customization)
  • easy and intuitive user interface (ads free!)
  • 2 home screen widgets
  • mobile data toggle automation
  • 2G/3G toggle automation**
  • WiFi toggle automation + auto-disabling option
  • location-aware WiFi control (e.g. enable WiFi only at home/work, disable it otherwise)
  • battery consumption optimization (e.g. when screen off, battery under threshold, etc.)
  • comprehensive connectivity scheduling (regular schedule, night time/peak time, week days/weekends)
  • connectivity control for specific apps (e.g. when Pandora is running, leave connectivity on no matter what)
  • CPU scaling when phone is idle**
  • full activity log

What's New:

  • added per-network "keep enabled" for Location
  • added per-app custom controls
  • reworked the widgets, improved "user" control
  • added Bluetooth enable/connect in QuickBox
  • improved tablet/Honeycomb support
  • better handling of the keyguard during phone calls
  • removed read logs permission
  • several fixes: night/peak schedules only starting the first time, Traffic bug, workaround for Bluetooth FC, AOSP on 2.3.7
  • UI tweaks