Beautiful user interface. Genius Scan offers quick access to the camera and also keeps your important documents at hand.

Powerful page detection algorithm. It saves you time by selecting the page but you can stil adjust the selection by dragging anywhere in the grid.

Advanced image processing. You want a real black and white, you get it. You can also choose to keep the document in color. Genius Scan is smart and choose color or black and white by default based on the document. Again, it saves you time.

Documents. They allow you to group pages together. They can be named and easily exported as PDF files. In the free Genius Scan, you can send them by email and to other apps (includes iBooks)

With Genius Scan+, you can also export to AirPrint (print to an AirPrint-compatible printers), Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive, SkyDrive.

Backup. Quickly copy documents to your computer using Wifi sharing. No need to find the USB cable to connect your iPhone, it's all over the air.


  • Scan a picture with the device camera or pick one from the library.
  • Group pages together with multi-page PDF documents. Reorganize pages within a document.
  • Quickly transfer your documents to your computer via Wifi sharing.
  • Crop and straighten your page thanks to Genius Scan frame autodetection and perspective correction.
  • Organize your documents with tags. Access your tags in a tap from the menu.
  • Share your documents with colleagues (or yourself) by email or export them to iBooks.
  • Enhance your document. Genius Scan turns your grayish documents into real black and white. And it makes color documents look more vivid.
  • Search and sort your documents by name or updated date.
  • In Genius Scan+ export your documents to the cloud: Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive and SkyDrive. Print your documents to an AirPrint compatible printer.