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Simple & Beautiful

You shouldn't be compelled to use ugly or complex applications to perform technical tasks. Almost any software could be user-friendly and visually appealing. We want to provide you with a way to manage your files on all your servers, in the most ergonomic, consistent and efficient way possible.

Fast & Stable

The best software is the one you forget about when using it. Smoothness and reliability are the key to a fluid navigation and intuitive interaction. This is the basis for a well-designed and a well-built application.


When you think about ergonomics, every detail is important. A few simple, tiny features can sometimes improve greatly your experience and your feeling of control over the software. The most innovative capabilities are within reach of anyone.

Connect anywhere. Transfer anything.

Stop bothering to jump between applications, you can handle multiple protocols within Steed. Whether you need access to an FTP or SFTP server, or store files in the cloud on Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, Steed will help you do that. It takes care of everything and allows you to focus on your work, instead of wasting your time configuring numerous clients.

Home sweet home

You will feel at home when using Steed. The navigation and user interface are designed to remind you of your usual Windows habits. You will experience no disruptive change of context, no new action flow to learn, no steep learning curve. Just launch Steed and do what you have to.

Steed loves Windows 7

We finely crafted Steed into Windows 7. It uses the most recent features shipped with the operating system in order to simplify your workflow. Jumplist, Tabbed thumbnails, Taskbar progress, Steed uses them all. And if you don't run Windows 7, no worries, it also works on Windows XP and Vista.

Easily organize your bookmarks...

Organize your bookmarks quick and easy, the way you like it, whatever the protocol. And if you're not a heavy user, you can simply use the history to find your latest connections.

...and keep them in sync

Configure Steed once and for all, and you're good to go on any computer. Your bookmarks are syncronized automatically via your Dropbox or SkyDrive account. And if you use a common FTP client such as FileZilla or FlashFXP, just import them for an even faster setup.

Manage your transfers neatly

Supervise all of your transfers at a glance. The arborescent file and folder list provides a clear and detailed view, while pause capabilities and bandwidth limitation give you the full control you need. You will also get notified when all your transfers are complete even if the application is minimized or hidden.

What's New:

  • Fixes a crash on application startup on new install