Resizing, adding watermarks and sharing your pictures has never been so easy before. This free software that fits into the right click cascading menu of your files is a great time saver. By a single click you can process a whole set of images at once. Give it a try and this handy tool will quickly becomes essential. Furthermore, you can customize your menus and actions any time you wish with CoolTweak's intuitive editor. Simplify your life and let CoolTweak take care of the painful tasks for you.

Resize your pictures

No more fear to have when you want to downscale your images before sharing them, CoolTweak will take it in charge for you. Just choose the new dimensions of your pictures and they will all be resized or cropped instantly. This is the end of finger cramps

Sign your pictures

Your images will be shared on the Web and you'd like to protect them? That's so easy with CoolTweak, just sign them by adding a custom text or your logo as a watermark. There are a myriad of options to set the way the watermark will be displayed, from the most discreet to the most showy result.

Share your pictures

Your pictures are worth seeing ? Share them quickly on the main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa (and Google+) and 500px using CoolTweak. Add your images to new albums or into existing ones within a few clicks.

Customize your menus

CoolTweak enables you to organize its menus and shortcuts any time you want to best fit your needs. Move, create and remove menus using its intuitive editor and manage your action shortcuts to always reach them with a single click. All your changes are immediately available the next time you right click on an item.