ICQ for Android

ICQ for Android 8.0

Free calls, text messages, photo and video sharing – one app with all the functions you need to keep in touch with friends. Use ICQ and don’t worry about rates.

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ICQ is a convenient and easy to use messenger service. Always be in touch with ICQ's features:

  • securely encrypted calls
  • high-quality video calls
  • speech-to-text for voice messages
  • ability to create your own stickers
  • animated 3D masks and video calls
  • livechats with unlimited participants and channels
  • chat synchronization across all devices

What's New:

You asked, we listened. Update to the new version of ICQ with the gallery. In chat and group profiles you can see all of the photos, videos, and files from its history

  • Message editing! (applause, whistles, euphoria)
  • A new sticker gallery, search by stickers, choose stickers for an entered emoji
  • A special tag indicating that you've been mentioned in a chat. Mark your friends or group participants in messages and they'll see it right away!
  • A notification that a message has been read in group chats in the form of small participant avatars
  • Fifth point to round the count up to five

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