pserv is a Windows Control Panel Applet that:

  • Allows you to control all NT services and devices
  • Allows you to uninstall applications (new in 2.6)
  • Allows you to (at least partially) replace task manager (new in 2.4)
  • Allows you to connect to remote machines
  • Has many features your Windows 2000 MMC doesn't offer you
  • It is fast

What's New:

The main functionality of pserv is to manage installed system services.

As you can see, the GUI has seen quite some improvement over the 4.0 version: plus there are now many new and interesting options like Bring up Registry Editor for service key or Start CMD.EXE in installation path. The same view is also used for devices.

The Windows view gives you the option of showing all desktop windows, and controlling their appearance.

The Uninstaller view shows all currently installed programs and again provides a couple of more options than are available in the standard Programs control.

The Processes view allows you do find out rather detailed information on running processes, including some options not available in the Windows 8 task manager.

The main purpose of the Modules view is to locate DLL paths and identify load path conflicts.