Once you tell SpamEater Pro where your ISP's mail server is, and your login information, SpamEater will connect with the server, either on a timed basis, or manually as you desire, and check the messages on the server for spam, removing any found and, optionally, archiving locally. There are a number of fully configurable checks that are performed on the messages. These range from checks to see if the message is from one of your defined Approved Senders, a blocked sender, from a blocked country code, checking to see if the server that delivered the message is in one of any number of internet blacklist databases, server authorization checks with SPF (NEW!), to a virtually unlimited number of powerful filter rules that we provide and update for you - and you can create your own too.

If a message is determined to be spam, or fails any of the defined checks, it can be silently deleted from the server, bounced back to the sender (NEW in v4), archived locally and deleted from the server, and/or easy cut-n-paste to SpamCop web forms for complaint generation to the sender's and advertiser's ISPs - you decide!

Is your ISP already filtering email for you (Spaminator, MessageWall, SpamAssassin, etc)? Don't let them decide which email messages you get and which you don't! Stay in control of your e-mail with SpamEater Pro and YOU decide what e-mail you will see and what will be tossed in the bit bucket (trash)! You can also use SpamEater Pro filters in conjunction with SpamAssassin and Messagewall to look for their spam score headers that are added to suspect messages.

SpamEater Pro has a proven 95% or better hit rate and it gets smarter as you use it! With the amount of spam being sent ever increasing, SpamEater Pro is a tool that you can't afford to be without - and you can use it FREE for 30 days! Don't fret over waiting for your mail to download with all the spam! Get the Award Winning (Microsoft/WUGNet - App of the Week, TuCows - 5 Cow Rating!, CNet and more) SpamEater Pro today and enjoy reading your e-mail again