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What's New

MFA and TOS hotfix

With the latest ToS update we found that some people will need to enter MFA twice, before and after the ToS acceptance. This is expected while still remaining secure.

Enter an MFA code, accept the ToS. You will be prompted to enter an MFA code again. Do so, and the viewer will log in.

Resolved Issues

  • SL-19966 [D580] Maint T increased crash rate
  • SL-19924 Add Second Lifetime badges to Profiles
  • SL-19806 Crash: LLRenderPass::pushBatches(unsigned int, unsigned int, int, int)
  • BUG-233937 [MAINT-T] Second Life Viewer last update made invisibile parts visible
  • SL-19787 Crash #1258817: LLUIColor::operator LLColor4 const&()
  • SL-19762 [Win10] 'Azure Translato' & 'DeepL Translato' options titles are shown in the 'Chat Translation Settings' floater
  • SL-19744 Remove LLErrorThread and LLAppViewer::handleViewerCrash()
  • SL-19734 [Win10] The 'Second Life.exe' process is not responding after fetching large inventory and logging out
  • SL-19681 [Contribution] Typos in floater_scene_load_stats.xml
  • SL-19652 Maint T Viewer incorrectly generates oversize inventory error when fetching inventory
  • SL-19649 Logging out of Thumbnails viewer takes longer than Release viewer for larger inventories
  • SL-19647 Version number is not displayed in About Second Life
  • SL-19636 Add badges back into Profiles
  • SL-19635 Implement DeepL translation support
  • BUG-230435 Group invitations from blocked users are shown
  • SL-19545 Azure Translator verify button
  • SL-19536 The items from the inventory aren't fetched automatically after opening the inventory floater
  • BUG-233685 Animation .anim upload fails on more recent viewers - "unpack_from requires a buffer of at least 2 bytes" error.
  • SL-19435 Bounce user back to login if caps are not present
  • SL-19417 Improve colors.xml behavior
  • SL-19367 Detach from the Avatar/Wearing window fails when it should be OK
  • SL-19348 Remove "get mesh_rez_enabled" code in viewer
  • BUG-233454 Potential Use-After-Free in LLImageGL::setImage
  • SL-19252 Remove viewer cruft "#ifdef _CORY_TESTING" code
  • SL-19209 Update Microsoft translation services
  • BUG-233345 Nearby chat bar moves down every time it gains focus
  • SL-19099 The long name of the item is out of bounds on the Editing Tools/Content tab
  • SL-19085 The Wiki-style URL is saved as plain text when creating the Pick with an existing link in About Land
  • BUG-233193 Highlight alpha (Ctrl + Alt + T)
  • BUG-233112 Diffuse alpha texture behaving like opaque texture on materials enabled object
  • BUG-232686 Beacon highlights no longer show on 100% transparent objects
  • SL-17429 Message user when their inventory hits (new) AIS limits
  • BUG-231947 LSL editor cursor position desynchronization
  • BUG-233462 Translation Error - PT