madVR 0.92.17

madVR is a high quality DirectShow video renderer.

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Designed as a no-compromise approach, madVR tries to achieve the best possible video playback quality.


  • High bitdepth processing (32bit per component)
  • High quality algorithms for scaling, sharpening, debanding, dithering etc.
  • Smooth motion playback without 3:2 pulldown judder even at 60Hz
  • Forced film mode turns 60i movies into perfect 24p
  • Very reliable playback using automatic fullscreen exclusive mode
  • Many more...


  • GPU with full D3D9 / PS3.0 hardware support

Media players supporting madVR:

  • DVB Dream
  • DVBViewer
  • Emby Theater
  • JRiver MediaCenter
  • KMPlayer
  • Kodi DSPlayer
  • MPC-BE
  • MPC-HC
  • PotPlayer
  • YAP
  • Zoom Player

Calibration products supporting madVR:

  • Argyll CMS
  • CalMAN
  • dispcalGUI
  • HCFR
  • LightSpace CMS

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