You can download MAME here.


  • Support MAME, MAME Plus!, UME, WolfMAME, HqMAME, SDLMAME/SDMUME emulators (other MAME variants might work)
  • Support for a second MAME emulator so you can choose between two MAME builds when running games (AlterMAME)
  • Support for MAME software list games (non-arcade): consoles and computer games (MAME v0.162 or newer required)
  • ROMs validation system (audit), except for Daphne emulator and the emulator selected in AlterMAME
  • Support MAMu_ icons. Awesome custom game icons made my MAMu_ (unzipped or zipped)
  • View game preview images: title snapshot, game snapshot, marquee, flyer, cabinet, control panel, control panel layout, PCB, in-game artwork
  • Unzipped and zipped images support (.png and .jpg formats)
  • Up to 10 images per category
  • Image preview layout mode. View up to three images at the same time. Layouts can be customized
  • Six games list view modes to choose from, including grouped view (parent+clones tree) and cool thumbnails view
  • Customize columns for details and grouped view modes. Hide columns, change width and their position
  • Sort games by 2 columns in standard view mode (details); hold Ctrl key and click on the second column
  • Watch game video previews using your favorite media player. My favorite app is Media Player Classic Home Cinema
  • Support for catver.ini, nplayers.ini, languages.ini, AntoPISA's category.ini, version.ini, catver.ini
  • Support for AntoPISA's mess.ini to filter out non-arcade MAME machines (available in renameSET pack or version.ini pack)
  • Advanced games filters, including a search bar for quick seaches
  • Customizable filters tool bar. Hide buttons or use a small tool bar
  • MAME Machines Side Panel to list all MAME machines with software list games, filter games by machine (Machine tool bar button)
  • Minimum screen resolution supported: 640x480 (some features still require a 1024x768 resolution)
  • Support several .dat files for MAME: Mameinfo, Arcade History, MAME Score, MAME Action Replay, MESSInfo
  • Browse games list with arcade controllers: X-Arcade, HotRod SE, SlikStik, Detonator II
  • Favorites lists. Create a list of your favorite games. You can create as many favorites profiles as you wish
  • Delete/copy/move your game files directly within the frontend (includes a fancy progress dialog)
  • Partial support for older MAME builds. Mininum version is MAME 0.37 beta 15 (0.51); DOS MAME is not supported
  • Create custom game settings
  • Support to run multi-slot arcade machines with Neo-Geo MVS, Sega Mega-Tech System, ST-V (MAME v0.154 minimum required)
  • Frontend settings are stored in .ini files. Windows registry is never used
  • View game info from the internet using ProgettoEMMA website
  • Partial support for MAME / HBMAME merged sets
  • Detection of bad .zip files (using ZipForge library)
  • Support ROMs in 7-Zip format (.7z). MAME, HBMAME and Demul emulators only. File 7z.dll required (included in full package)

What's New:


  • Changing between image categories / image layouts in a fast pace was causing the frontend to crash; "previous/next" buttons are now disabled until the process finishes
  • A StringList variable was initializing twice and the 2nd ".Create" call was using wrong HashedStringList format. "FATALITY!"
  • - feature affected: parse MAME multiple folders into a StringList, used by many functions ("mame.ini" and "ui.ini")
  • MAMu_ icons folder could be set to "empty" in Preferences screen; MAME requires a default folder named "icons"
  • ShellTreeView Win10 dark theme fix on "Browse for Folder" dialog (selection bar, text color, scroll bar)


  • New "Skip" button in "Clean Install" dialog so you can skip it and go straight to frontend's main screen
  • Renamed a few source code filenames (.pas files)


Animated GIF in clean install dialog is kaput! It was just an experiment

  • Replaced by a static "clean_install.png", like in splash screen and about screen
  • Minor font color tweaks


Multiple paths scan support for zipped images, MAMu_ icons, video previews and thumbnails view mode (MAME/HBMAME only)

  • I forgot about this completely... oopsie!
  • Only the first path was used by the frontend
  • Zipped images (snaps, titles, cabinets, etc)
  • Thumbnails view: not even unzipped images were supported
  • Video snaps: only the first path was scanned; also, videos in "\snap\" folder were not detected correctly (mixed with images)
  • MAMu_ icons: only the first path was scanned
  • Updated "MAME Images Manager" to scan all paths and fixed a "dusty" bug on "Scan Invalid Images": valid images were added to the list (DUH!)
  • Updated "MAMu_ Icons Manager" to scan multiple paths
  • Updates to "Delete MAME and Arcade Clone Images":
    • Scan multiple paths
    • Resizeable window and image panel
    • Folders scan function was incomplete
    • Code optimizations

Support MAME 0.225 new "mame.ini" settings

  • "beam_dot_size" - "speaker_report" - "debugger_font" - "debugger_font_size"

Support MAME 0.225 new "ui.ini" settings (emulator default settings only)

  • "skip_warnings"