Optimizations that eliminate system stalls and improve overall responsiveness.


Integrated ChromeOS mouse driver provides a touchpad experience similar to ChromeOS.


Built on top of Xubuntu to provide a lightweight and fully functional desktop.

Bug Fixes

Fixes for issues that affect ChromeOS devices and are not found in standard distros.


GalliumOS can be installed in place of ChromeOS, or in a dual-boot configuration alongside ChromeOS. For dual-boot installs, see

What's New:

  • New kernels: 4.9.4 (Braswell) and 4.8.17 (all others)
  • Fixes for Braswell audio (all models except CYAN)
  • Fix for installer crash in locales where "," is decimal point
  • UEFI boot support for custom UEFI firmware
  • Improved touchpad support for CAVE
  • New desktop backgrounds
  • Updated Numix and Numix-Circle icons
  • New ISOs for Braswell, Skylake, and SAMUS models
  • Dozens of upstream package updates and bugfixes