Captura 6.0.1

Free application to capture your screen, webcam, audio, cursor, mouse clicks and keystrokes.

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Captura is an easy-to-use program that lets you record your onscreen activity. Captura records video, sound and pictures of anything you see on your screen. You can record your web cam sessions, favorite games, any software on your desktop, video displays on your screen, record audio of what you hear from your speakers. Use Captura to create training videos, presentations, screencasts, or any other task that requires capturing desktop activity. Captura can run unobtrusively while remaining minimized to the system tray. Record audio, cursor, mouse clicks and keystrokes. Captura is 100% free. You don't need to spend a penny.


  • Take screenshots
  • Capture screencasts (Avi/Gif/Mp4)
  • Capture with/without , mouse cursor
  • Capture specific regions, screens or windows
  • Capture mouse clicks or keystrokes
  • Mix audio recorded from microphone and speaker output
  • Capture from webcam.
  • Can be used from command-line.

What's New:

  • High memory usage when recording a specific screen.
  • Include Cursor cannot be changed during capture.
  • Default hotkeys made simpler.
  • Authenticated Proxy support.
  • Settings saved in APPDATA/Captura/Settings.json. Recent Items and Hotkeys saved in separate files.
  • fix: Variable Frame Rate Gif delay between frames.
  • fix: Pausing with Variable Frame Rate Gif.
  • fix: Region highlight borders not cleared after snapping.
  • Shows error when unable to register hotkeys on start.
  • Copy as Path option on Recent Items.
  • Added support for using Desktop Duplication API.
  • Removed Folder Writer due to high system resource consumption.
  • Dropped frames are compensated with duplicated frames.
  • MessageBox shown and Log file created on crash.
  • Update Check


  • Tabbed Configure page with Hotkeys and Extras embedded.
  • Number Boxes to specify size of Region Selector.
  • Added a Dark Theme.
  • Removed Minimize to Tray checkbox.
  • Removed selection of Topbar color.
  • Added a Minimize to Tray button.

Change in Audio/Video Sources

  • [Desktop] under Window changed to Full Screeb under Screen.
  • Screen kind is always visible.
  • No Video renamed to Only Audio.
  • Audio alone Codecs shown under Only Audio source.
  • WebCam is selected on the Main Window.
  • Window recording is of the initial size of window. Any resizing of the window is scaled to fit.


  • fix: Video dimensions made even when capturing region from console.
  • fix: Error running console with input redirected.
  • fix: Use culture invariant string to represent region rectangle in console.


  • ScreenShot Save Location and Format options on Main Tab.
  • Support for uploading ScreenShots to Imgur.
  • Option to hide MainWindow on Full Screen ScreenShot.


  • FFMpeg is the default encoder.
  • Audio and Video muxed in Realtime in FFMpeg capture.
  • Added FFMpeg Downloader.
  • Added FFMpeg HEVC Intel QSV encoder.
  • FFMpeg is always shown in encoders list.
  • A message with actions to take shown when trying to use FFMpeg in its absence.

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