ZipTorrent is a small and optimized BitTorrent client with big plans and a huge potential, developed using pure C++ by volunteers from around the planet. We want to make it simple for the average joe to join the growing world of file sharing, without relying on a central resource (Decentralized architecture).

What we have so far: A client that runs smoothly (we hope) and efficiently (downloads fast!), and which can update itself with new versions.

What's New:


  • Added a torrent filter (in the Settings dialog) that allows users to auto download torrents from irc/rss that match user-defined keywords.
  • Fixed a bug with downloading files from the internet ( rss feeds, torrents, etc. )
  • Added a new method for removing tasks from transfers (Remove and -> ...)


  • Added nick auto completion when pressing the TAB key.
  • Added history of typed messages/commands per channel/private message session.
  • Added nice formatting for various irc commands ( join, nick, part, quit, whois, etc. )
  • Added support for the /me command.
  • Added preferences that instruct ZipTorrent not to show join/part/quit/kick/mode irc messages.
  • Minor bug fixes of the torrents catcher and message routing
  • Private message tabs no longer popup when a private message is received (only popup when a dcc transfer is initiated).
  • User's nick is now highlighted in red when it appears in a message sent to a channel


  • Added support for CDATA fields in RSS feeds