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Get the best overclocking for AMD Ryzen even without a lot of overclocking experience. The ClockTuner for Ryzen (CTR) software has several safeguard mechanisms that automatically detect critical situations and protect against hardware damage from overclocking.

CTR will not only give you the most stable Ryzen overclock, it will also help you conserve energy, by not disturbing the power saving algorithms AMD has build into their Ryzen processors.

What's New:

  • Added STATS link-buttons (BENCHMARK tab).
  • Added possibility to send statistics manually (BENCHMARK tab).
  • "Autoshare stats" is no blocked while the experiment is running.
  • Improved protection for PROFILE MANAGEMENT from inputting incorrect values.
  • CHECK STABILITY. The base time was increased to 15 minutes (with Enhance accuracy - 30 minutes).
  • Improved security for sending commands to the SMU.
  • "Enhance accuracy" (ON/OFF) modes have been modified. Both modes are unique. By default it is recommended to use "Enhance accuracy" (OFF).
  • "Cycle time" by default it was increased to 360 seconds instead of 240. I consider this to be the optimal value.
  • Changed some default values for DIAGNOSTIC mode.
  • Stability of the graphical shell has been improved.
  • Soft start for stress tests is enforced for all modes.
  • Cinebench results were improved. CTR is minimized while the Cinebench is running.
  • Name of the motherboard manufacturer is now shorter and clearer.
  • Fixed rare error of incorrect PPT and Voltage visualization (BENCHMARK tab).
  • Fixed. It is impossible to read "CBlog.log".
  • Fixed. CHECK STABILITY test could not be completed.
  • Fixed. Wrong indication of thread numbers in log.
  • Fixed. CTR 1.1 used CTR 1.0 configuration data.
  • Fixed. Incorrect autoload CTR with OS.
  • Fixed. Motherboard name was not displayed for RYZEN 3 STATS.