Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Pro 1.2.4

Reliable access to Informix Servers with support for all Informix 9 data types.


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Relible access to Informix using dbExpress Solid support of wide range of Informix servers Enhanced performance and data types support Reduced application deployment costs.


Running costs minimization - wide Informix servers support allows to use low-cost solutions (like INFORMIX-SE) or reuse existing database servers without expensive upgrages

Time-saving deployment - thanks to the connection string feature, all Informix connectivity parameters may be specified in the application thus setnet32 configuring is no longer required on deployment

Performance increase - software will run faster since our driver has better performance than all known dbExpress drivers that give access to Informix database server

User-friendly software - the query execution break feature and access to additional diagnostics information allows software to be more user-friendly

The most complete Informix usage - all known data types are supported both for reading and writing while the other drivers has a lot of issues (for instance with floating decimal, collections and int8 data types)