You may perform stress tests to verify system and setting stability and conduct performance testing to measure the impact of system configuration and setting modifications. The system gauges provide real time feedback of relevant information so you can observe the effects of various changes.

Intel(R) Desktop Board Requirements

The Intel(R) Desktop Control Center is supported on the Intel(R) Desktop Boards D925XBC, D925XCV, D915PBL, D875PBZ, and D865PERL. Only systems with 533 MHz and 800 MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processors have been validated on IDCC.

BIOS Requirements

You must use the latest BIOS version for your desktop board. To access the latest BIOS version, go to your desktop board's BIOS download site:

- Desktop Board D925XBC -
- Desktop Board D925XCV -
- Desktop Board D915PBL -
- Desktop Board D875PBZ -
- Desktop Board D865PERL -

Note: The URLs listed above for desktop board BIOSs may change. You can also download the BIOS for your system using