In Vitro is a unique GPU benchmark developed for the latest mobile devices that support hardware-accelerated raytracing. It has been developed according to the high-grade industry standards of Basemark's benchmarking philosophy and utilizes frame-based benchmark mode as the standard ensuring equal workload on every run. In Vitro uses hardware-accelerated raytracing to simulate lighting in a more realistic way. The rendering is done using Basemark's Rocksolid Graphics Engine.

Power your creativity with new raytracing mobile technology. Test the raytracing performance of mobile devices using GPUScore: In Vitro.

  • Highend 3D rendering features
  • Two Official benchmarks that submit results to Powerboard 4.0 online platform for comparison:
  • Official: The main benchmark that uses 1920×1080 (FHD) rendering resolution.
  • Official Native: Uses the same content and settings as Official, but uses the device's display resolution as the rendering resolution.
  • Custom benchmark: Uses the same content as Official, but allows users to change settings from the default ones used in Official.
  • Experience mode for previewing the benchmark content in a smooth way

The results obtained by running the Official benchmarks are uploaded to Powerboard 4.0 online scoreboard. There, you may compare your results against others and see where you rank. Uploading results is optional in the Corporate version of GPUScore: In Vitro.


  • Hardware-accelerated raytracing
  • Off-screen grid rendering: FPS won't be limited by the GPU driver
  • Exactly the same content is rendered on every run
  • Same workload is used on all platforms
  • Graphics features:
  • Raytraced Reflections
  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) with HDR pipeline
  • Image-Based Lighting (IBL)
  • Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion (GTAO)
  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA)
  • Vertex Animations

System Requirements:

  • Android 12 or higher with Vulkan 1.1+ support
  • Vulkan Raytracing support from the GPU and driver
  • 3GB GB of unified memory

Additional Information:

  • If you are unable to run the benchmark, verify that your device supports raytracing. Raytracing support from the device is required in order to use this benchmark.
  • At the end of the official benchmark run, it takes some time to submit the results and fetch the data
  • The Free version automatically submits scores from Official benchmarks to Powerboard 4.0 online scoreboard
  • If you run the benchmark multiple times in a short period of time the scores may decrease due to device hardware heating up