PresentMon is Intel's benchmark tool that provides metrics for GPU usage, CPU usage, frame times, and temperatures. It incorporates a new measurement called 'GPU Busy' to offer users a clearer understanding of system bottlenecks.


Configurable Overlay with Real-time Graphing

Bring your game performance to life through a fully customizable overlay with real-time performance charting that supports multi-line graphs and histograms. Now you can see real-time raw numbers, percentiles, rolling-window averages, and more to understand your gaming experience.

Discover Performance Bottlenecks

Innovative new "GPU Busy" metric shows real time CPU + GPU balance and how the resources in your machine are being utilized, allowing you to better evaluate computing bottlenecks in your games.

Combined GPU Telemetry and Performance Capture

Intel PresentMon combines performance and GPU telemetry data into a single overlay and capture utility, allowing you to better evaluate your system during, or after, your gaming session.

Multi-vendor Support and Open Source

Intel PresentMon works with Intel Arc graphics cards and Intel Core processors but with other hardware vendor options as well. And because PresentMon continues to be an open-source utility, it can be integrated into third party applications.

Broad API Support

Intel PresentMon supports DirectX 12, DirectX 11, DirectX 9, OpenGL, and Vulkan application APIs. Both Windows 11 and Windows 10 are supported.

Powerful Command Line Options for Power Users

For power users, reviewers, or anyone else that wants to take advantage of it, Intel PresentMon supports command line functionality for batch testing or automation.

What's New

  • Initial release.