he SE Backup Technique
Do you need to backup your data at work or at home? Do you know you could lose all of your important things if you don't regularly save and keep a copy of them in a safe place? Don't you want to spend a lot of money buying expensive hardware?
Thanks to SE Backup, a simple and fast backup tool, you'll be able to keep your data safe with no effort and almost no expenses!
Thanks to the SEB technology, the hard work will be only to replace the CD or DVD once a day!
No need for expensive tapes or storage equipment!
This is the ideal solution for backing up your data to CDs or DVDs or even HDs!


* Easy to use graphic program interface.
* Compatible with most CD and DVD burners (thanks to CDRecord technology [CDRecord - Cygwin]).
* Handle your backup sessions saving in xml format and launching them when you need, also from command line.
* Zip your backups so that they take up less disk space (up to 50% smaller!!).
* Save your backup to any CD-RW, DVD-RW or even Hard Disk.
* You can also save your backup to an external Hard Disk or a USB PenDrive!
* Log every operation with 4 levels of details and sends a report to a specified mail address.
* This software is improved every day thanks to users feedback on new wanted features and bugs found!

What's New:

* Automatic multidrive duplicate file name full support added.
* Added multilanguage support. Currently available languages are: English, Français, Italiano, Româna.
* Added an advanced option that lets SEB try to make the backup even when there is not enough free space in the temporary directory (in case of CD/DVD Backup) or in the destination drive (in case of HD backup).
* The correct extension (.zip) for the backup file name will be automatically set if missing.
* Added encoding information to the xml session file.
* Now the "Generate session link" tool suggests a name for the link.
* Implemented a better routine for minimized window execution.
* Fixed a bug in the elapsed time display for some tasks.
* Created a multilanguage SEB installer package.
* Fixed some minor bugs.