CPU cooling will help you achieve these things:

* decrease CPU temperature
* enhance stability
* enable overclocking (overclocking increases temperature- CpuIdle gives additional headroom)
* increase CPU life (a decrease by 10°C doubles the life span)
* cut power consumption

Unlike normal power management provided by the operating system, CpuIdle is always active. CpuIdle is even working even when you're actively using your computer!

CpuIdle created the very idea of software CPU cooling: CpuIdle was the first power management and CPU cooling software providing online-cooling during normal PC activity. When you first start CpuIdle on your PC, you'll see and almost immediate temperature drop:

Temperature curve after starting CpuIdle

CpuIdle uses several mechanisms to keep your CPU cool:

* shutdown CPU when not used (online cooling)
* optimize CPU for maximum cooling effect
* optimize chipset for maximum cooling effect (supported chipsets only)