Manually entering contact details into any application is quite a hassle. Not only that it consumes a lot of valuable time but also causes lot of typos.

AddressGrabber eliminates manual contact data entry hassles. Statistics show that professionals spend 20 minutes to 2 hours of their time every day on data entry. AddressGrabber could help professionals cut down this data entry time by atleast 80%. To capture a contact using AddressGrabber, all you need to do is:
1. Highlight the contact information
2. Click on AddressGrabber

AddressGrabber not only enters the contact data for you but also checks for duplicate entries. If the same contact, that you are trying to transfer, is found in the database, the tool provides you 3 options:
1. Add as new contact
2. Update existing contact
3. Skip transfer

With AddressGrabber, you could capture contact details in any format. AddressGrabber Business even let you capture web form responses quickly, easily and accurately into your lead database.

It is again a pain to first add a contact and then manually go into the contact manager and schedule activities for each contact. AddressGrabber Business could help you schedule activities with each contact while transferring to the contact manager and save you time on manually doing it.

After installing AddressGrabber, you will find an AddressGrabber button on your internet explorer, which will help you easily capture contact information from web pages by clicking on it. You could choose your default destination application, where you want to capture the contact information by clicking on the AddressGrabber button on your internet explorer.

AddressGrabber Business supports:
>> Popular contact managers like ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, Palm...
>> Accounting applications like QuickBooks and Peachtree...
>> Shiipping applciations like FedEx and UPS
Thus AddressGrabber not only helps with easy lead entry but also automates order processing and shipping.