Once downloaded, click on "Unzip" to install the demo then "Close". You can then run the demo by double-clicking "My Computer" then "C: Drive" then "DL3" then "DLair3Demo". Have fun!

Dirk the Daring, the brave yet bumbling knight, is ready to venture back into the Lair in this adventure! The Evil Wizard Mordroc has again kidnapped the fair Princess Daphne and Dirk is her only hope. Save the princess, defeat Mordroc, and watch out for the treachery that lies at every step!

Players control the actions of Dirk the Daring as he fights his way through the castle of Mordroc who has enchanted it with treacherous monsters and obstacles.

Owners of Dragon's Lair 3 will enjoy (full version):
* New, State-of-the-Art graphics with Toon Shading technology.
* All the excitement of the original, with new levels and characters.
* Three new Bonus Scenes, playable after defeating the Evil Wizard.
* Forty-three Levels and Nine exciting Boss Battles await you!