From the developer: "ATI introduces CATALYST™ - industry-leading software suite that enhances and accelerates the visual experience. The suite is a package that consists of the latest driver, HYDRAVISION™ (multiple monitor management software), MULTIMEDIA CENTER™ and REMOTE WONDER™ support.

" DirectX 9.0 offers unparalleled advances in graphics technology. The latest software driver provided ATI Technologies Inc. supports this core Windows technology that drives high-speed multimedia applications and games on PC systems. CATALYST™ provides plug-ins for the REMOTE WONDER™ software. This lets users control applications such as WINAMP and Microsoft® POWERPOINT with REMOTE WONDER™ . CATALYST™ includes a new Direct 3D™ and OpenGL® control panel that gives users full control over performance and image quality settings."

Note: This is a very large (20MB) file and may take several hours to download via modem.