Modifications and Bug Fixes:

Solved the bug of communication between wireless stations, via MR314.


1. The default romfile is 329cf0b1.rom
2. Firmware name 329cf0b1.bin
3. Boot Module name

To Upgrade:

1. Download using the button below to a convenient place such as your desktop and extract the file.
1. Using a browser, login to the router (the default URL is The user name is admin, and the default password is 1234.
2. Under Maintenance, click Router Upgrade
3. Click Browse and locate the file which you just downloaded: 329cf0b1.bin
4. Click Upload.
5. Wait for the upgrade progress bar to complete and final prompt to appear.

If problems occur after upgrading, power cycle the router, then press the rear panel pushbutton for at least 10 seconds. Allow the router to reboot, then reconfigure.