1. Support CPU multiplier adjustable (for KV8 Pro v1.1 only).
    1. Fixed an issue where the PS/2 wheel mouse does not respond under certain conditions:
    2. Using certain PS/2 wheel mice and certain USB keyboards.
    • PS/2 wheel mouse works fine but loses response on 1st, 3rd, and 5th.... time restarting windows. However, it works fine on 2nd, 4th.... windows restart.
    • For "PS/2 wheel mouse + PS/2 keyboard" and "USB wheel mouse + USB keyboard ", there no problems at all.
    1. Fixed the issue that system may shutdown when CPU FAN disconnected even if CPU FAN SPEED monitoring disabled.
    2. Synchronize with Hardware monitor value, if Voltage value changed.
    3. When S3 resume CPU Clock back to pervious mode.
    4. Increase CPU FSB to 336MHz.
    5. Set the low limit value of CPU Voltage warning.
    6. Preset AGP RATIO DEFAULT to FIXED. (for KV8 Pro v1.1 only)
    7. Fixed the issue that CPU multiplier unable to load default.
    8. BIOS compile date: 06/16/2004