1. Updated µGuru Utility to ukv8_022.bin.
2. Added "Delay Transactions" item.
3. Added "PCI Latency Timer function" item.
4. Removed an error message that appears if the year is modified and a SAVE&EXIT is executed.
5. Fixed an issue where pressing TAB key to skip the OSB logo caused the Memory Information & Memory Clock to be missing.
6. Changed "USB 2.0 Controller" defaulted to "Enabled", and synchronized it with the "OnChip USB Controller" setting.
7. Synchronized "DDR Voltage" & "SB Voltage" in the PC Health item if modified.
8. Changed "Resume by OnChip USB" default to "Enabled".
9. Changed "ACPI Suspend Type" default to "S3".
10. Added DMI information.
11. BIOS compile date: 11/12/2004