Changed in A3.67:
1. Add some customized settings.
2. SPDIF-out goes to AClink slot 6/9 for ATI SB400 when modem present.
3. Add New feature: Disable Analog CD.
4. Fix issue : mono-out volume synchronize with Master volume for ALC655 force 2 channel mode.

Version Information:
WDM driver for Win98/WinMe/Win2000/WinXP :
VXD driver for Win95 :
VXD Software wavetable driver :
NT4 driver for Windows NT4 :
NT4 software wavetable driver :

RtlRack for Win98/Me/2000/XP :
AvRack for Win95/NT4 : 2003.4.4.1

Realtek Soundman :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager(CPL) :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager(RtlCpl) :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager for NT4 :
Driver/Application Setup Program : 5.03

Setup Driver/Application at first time:
Step 1. Before installing the Realtek AC'97 Drivers & Applications, Press the [Cancel] button if Windows detect the PCI Multimedia Audio device.
Step 2. Insert the "Realtek AC'97 Drivers & Applications" CD into the CD-ROM drive and run the setup.exe program to finish the installation.
Step 3. Click on [Next/OK/Go] to continue the procedure. If the Windows popup "Digital Signature Not Found" message, press [Yes] to continue the installation.
Step 4. Finally, select to restart the system and press [Finish] to complete the installation. The system will reload the drivers and do some adjustments in the INF file if so required.

Update Driver/Application:
Step 1. Follow Step 2,3,4 described in [Setup at first time] above to complete the procedure.

Remove Driver/Application:
Step 1. Go to Start\Settings\Control Panel.
Step 2. Select [Add/Remove Programs] icon.
Step 3. Select "Realtek AC'97 Drivers and Applications" and press [Change/Remove] button.
Step 4. Click on [Next/OK/Go] to finish the uninstallation.
Step 5. At the end of the procedure, select to restart the system and press [Finish] to complete the uninstallation.