Driver only for Windows 98Gold/98se/Me/2000/XP/2003. For Windows 98 SE, DirectX(R)8 is required to enable advanced features.

Version Informations:
WDM driver for Win98/WinMe/Win2000/WinXP :
WDM driver for Windows x64 :
VXD driver for Win95 :
VXD Software wavetable driver :
NT4 driver for Windows NT4 :
NT4 software wavetable driver :
RtlRack for Win98/Me/2000/XP :
AvRack for Win95/NT4 : 2003.4.4.1
Realtek Soundman :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager(CPL) :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager(RtlCpl) :
Realtek Sound Effect Manager for NT4 :
Driver/Application Setup Program : 5.06
A3.71 -
1. For special customize settings.
2. Fix HCT 12.1 DRM test fail issue.
3. Fix playback and record could not been played in the same time issue for ATI and nVidia chipsets.

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