Once updated to version 1.19, this drive will not revert to older firmware versions.

What's New:

Supports New 8x DVD-R Media
( 8x writing:TMI )
Supports New 16x DVD-R Media
( 16x writing:KingDisc, Postech, BeAll, CMC,
Prodisc,Daxon,Ritek,Optodisc,Gigastorage,Princo,MBI )
( 12x writing:Must Tech, Umedisc )
Supports New 4x DVD-R DL Media
( 4x writing:Ritek )
Supports New 8x +R Media
( 8x writing:CMC/DAXON/INFOMEDIA )
Supports New 16x +R Media
( 16x writing:Philips)
( 12x writing:Interaxia,Postech,E-TOP,Umedisc,Wealth Fair,DST,MJC,CMC )
Supports New 8x +RW Media
( 8x writing:Philips, CMC )
( 3.3x writing:Infomedia, MBI, Prodisc )
DVD-R DL Writability has improved.
DVD-R DL Readability has improved.
DVD-RW Readability has improved.
DVD+R DL Writability has improved.
DVD+RW Readability has improved.
DVD-RAM Writability has improved.
DVD-RAM Readability has improved.
CD-RW Writability has improved.