macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Before we cover actual keyboard shortcuts, in case you didn't know, in OS X there's a master list of shortcuts that can be found in the System Preferences. To find it:

  • Go to the System Preferences and choose "Keyboard."
  • In the "Shortcuts" tab, go through the sections on the left to turn on or off the shortcuts you want to use.
  • Optional: While we don't recommend it, should you prefer it, here you can also set F keys to work as function keys primarily (instead of the default for brightness, Mission Control, music playback, etc). Within the Keyboard settings, in the "Keyboard" tab, check the box "Use F keys as standard function keys."

Edit/Add a Shortcut

  • For editing: From the "Shortcuts" tab (see above), double click on a shortcut key combination, and you will be able to edit it.
  • For adding an app specific shortcut: Select App Shortcuts. Then click the plus sign under the shortcuts window, choose the application from the drop down menu and follow other options.

Top Shortcuts for Daily Use

  • Spotlight: Command + Spacebar
  • Open Preferences: Command + Comma
  • Switch apps: Command + Tab
  • Minimize/Hide the front window to the Dock: Command + M / H
  • Hide all background windows except the current one: Command + Shift + H
  • Close the active window: Command + W
  • Quit an app: Command + Q
  • Log out of your OS X user account: Command + Shift + Q

Take a Screenshot

  • Screenshot of your whole screen: Command + Shift + 3
  • Select part of the screen and save it as image: Command + Shift + 4
  • Optional: Add Shift to the above combinations and the screenshot will be saved to the clipboard instead as a file on the desktop

Text Stuff

  • Forward delete: Fn + Delete
  • Delete entire words: Command + Delete
  • Paste without formatting: Command + Shift + V

Old but Good Mac Shortcuts

  • Force Quit an app: Command + Option + Escape
  • Switch same app windows: Command + Shift + Tilde (~)
  • Preview the selected Finder item: Space Bar
  • Show/hide the inspector window: Command + I
  • Zoom in/out: Command + Shift + Plus sign (+) / Minus sign (-)
  • Open/Search an app's help menu: Command + Shift + Question mark (?)

  • Show/hide the Dock: Command + Option + D
  • Open the Desktop folder: Command + Shift + D
  • Open the Downloads folder: Command + Shift + L
  • Open the Documents folder: Command + Shift + O
  • Open the AirDrop window: Command + Shift + R
  • Open the Connect to Server window: Command + Shift + K
  • Eject the selected disk or volume: Command + E
  • Empty the trash: Command + Shift + Delete
  • Empty the trash with confirmation: Command + Shift + Option + Delete
  • Turn off display mirroring when using more than one display: Command + Brightness Down
  • Put all displays to sleep: Shift + Control + Power Button
  • Shut down your system: Control + Option + Command + Eject

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