In brief: Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant designed to review, correct, and improve English texts. Available both as a standalone application and a browser extension optimized for Google Docs, the San Francisco-based service is now betting on its latest generative AI features for new business opportunities in the enterprise market.

Grammarly is introducing some new enterprise-focused AI features, providing customers with the chance to work "smarter and faster" when they need to write effective English texts. The US company said that it has been building "AI solutions" for its customers for over 14 years, so they're not simply jumping on the AI hype train like every other technology company is doing these days.

The most remarkable AI feature listed in Grammarly's official press release is called "Personalized voice" detection and application, which is designed to address the problem of AI-generated text sounding robotic or impersonal. Grammarly can now detect a user's personal writing style, creating a "personal voice profile" that can subsequently be used to rewrite or generate text. The personal voice profile is continuously adapted to users' preferences and stylistic choices over time, Grammarly says.

Personal voices aside, Grammarly is also making generally available generative AI features that were previously available only in beta. The list includes an enhanced "Improve It" prompt to rewrite text "more effectively," a description of the improvements brought by the AI algorithms to the user's original text, improved integration of context, and past prompts to generate more "relevant output."

Grammarly says users are already using generative AI features to create over 12 million pieces of content per week, relying on trained machine learning algorithms to create first drafts or ideas, manage emails, and rewrite text in the "right length and tone." The company is also increasing limits for prompt usage for its business customers, providing "unlimited prompts" for enterprise customers and 2,000 prompts for customers of the Team and Education services.

The cloud company stated that 96% of companies in the Fortune 500 list are using its platform to "get results" and increase their business chances. World-leading corporations such as Atlassian, Zoom, Expedia, and Siemens are saving an average of 19 working days per employee every year, which seemingly translates in over $5.1 million in annual savings and over 17x return on investment.

Grammarly CEO Rahul Roy-Chowdhury highlights how much four weeks of time saved per employee can impact any business. "The possibilities are limitless," Roy-Chowdhury states, with higher productivity, better results and faster growth. Generative AI features provide even greater benefits as companies can scale their use of AI to increase the value they get from the money spent on Grammarly's cloud services.