Its been claimed that Yahoo is responsible for hosting a vast multitude of phishing sites that have domain names containing the words "bank", "PayPal" or "eBay". That's the claim of anti-spamming, anti-phishing warriors Spamhaus, who maintain that Yahoo is hosting almost 5,000 domain names that use these words in them. Spamhaus claims that these are linked to phishing scams, and that the situation is out of control.

"Whenever there is an entry on SBL [Spamhaus block list], there is a mail sent to them [Yahoo!]," Richard Cox, CIO at Spamhaus, said. "They never responded. But anything with 'Barclays Bank' in the title is for nothing other than a fraudulent purpose. Responsible organisations will pro-actively check for any domain they are hosting that have an obvious fraudulent intent and will remove any they find, or any reported by other network users."