If you are a fan of the popular game F.E.A.R. which has proven itself to be one of the most incredible FPS (subjective to opinion of course) released, you might like to know that despite disputes over trademarks, it will get a sequel. Monolith Productions is going to continue the storyline of F.E.A.R. in new releases, the only caveat being that it will be released under a new name. Vivendi Universal owns the name F.E.A.R. and other particulars, but Monolith still owns the rights to the storyline and characters, leaving them open to continue development. Vivendi might not be done with it either, with potential plans to release new games under that title as well, though I'd be quicker to trust the original developers to stay true to the nature of the game. Though they plan to also introduce the new titles onto consoles as well, the PC will remain their primary focus:

Ryan said, "We believe that the PC audience is entirely viable and can support a game just as it did support F.E.A.R. To deliver the best quality title, the PC needs to be a focus. We believe that next-gen will also be awesome, but again, it has some differences and this is the approach that we're going to try."
It will be interesting to see what they bring us, and if it is anything like the original, we have good things to look forward to from Monolith.