If you are one of the many Firefox browser users or someone interested in OSS, there's a short but great interview with Blake Ross, one of the founders and continuing developer of the Firefox project. With a very informal feel to it, Blake discusses various aspects of Firefox and its place in the browser market, why it came to be in the first place, and what he intends to do in the future. Of all that was said, the most interesting statement was his opinion of IE7. While giving it credit for being a good browser, he made comment that is open to a lot of speculation:

"I think that it's a solid product, but I think that by the time it comes out, we're going to be another world ahead of them again, so I think it's kind of a step or two behind us."
He clearly expects a lot from Firefox 2, and likely so do many others. He talked about the good connection that Google and Firefox has, and brought up a good point about Google's incentive for partnering with non-Microsoft browsers. After reading this I'm definitely looking forward to what Firefox 2 has to offer.