The world of PCI users are often forgotten in a market obsessed with performance, and too often emphasis is placed on those who want lots of fancy, but not always practical, features. In a press release issued today, Diamond Multimedia is announcing the release of a line of cards specifically aimed at businesses, primarily for use on multiple LCD monitors (common in the workplace) with low power demands. Supporting both PCI and PCI-Ex, they are looking to hit a segment of the business market that is often overlooked. Many companies buy machines en-masse that often do not come with AGP or Pci-Ex cards, leaving little choice. The BV200 is a PCI card featuring 128MB of DDR, and the BV300 is a PCI-Ex card with 256MB of GDDR2. Within the next two months, they plan to expand the line:

The BizView BV200 and BV300 video cards each support two digital LCD monitors and are half the size of regular video cards, fitting into both standard and low profile cases. Both models have low-heat output and dual DVI and TV-Out support. The BV200 features 128 MB DDR memory for PCI connection. The BV300 features 256MB GDDR2 memory for PCI Express connection as well as HDTV support. Diamond is also planning the launch of the dual link BV400 quad monitor solution as part of BizView line in the next 60 days. All BizView products will feature Lifetime Warranty.

According to the article, all the cards supporting Windows and Linux, unusual for a card that just hit the market. The prices are fairly low as well, with both cards retailing under $150. Cool stuff. You can read the full press release here.

Update: Diamond does not mention this other than in the specifications sheet. These cards are based on ATI GPUs code-named RV515LE and RV280, which are basically the same chips used on Radeon X1300LE and Radeon 9200 cards, respectively. Of course, they are trying to give the products a spin with packages that target a different market and with features that could come handy as such.