Commodore's re-entry into the gaming market was announced this week, after they have been sleeping for decades. Today, we're seeing a preview of what can be expected. The new system will be an off-the-shelf PC built based on the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700, a quad core CPU, an ASUS motherboard, 10k RPM hard drives in a striped array, 4GB of RAM, dual 8800 GTX cards and plenty more. Obviously the hardware is worthy of any performance rig, but hardware is hardware and can be pieced together by just about anyone or any company. So where, exactly, will the value of their rig be?

To start off with, Commodore will be shipping it with 50 classic Commodore games and custom artwork on the machines. However, ancient games and aesthetics truly a gaming behemoth do not make, so obviously they have something else up their sleeves to make it worthwhile. We'll hope, and see.