Epic today announced what many anxious players have been eagerly awaiting: the immensely popular third-person shooter Gears of War, which was originally released for the Xbox 360 as an exclusive title, is set to make its PC debut on November 6.

The game will feature three new multi-player maps, five new single-player chapters which describe events of Delta Squad escaping the infamous Brumak boss between acts four and five, a new "King of the Hill" multiplayer game mode, a game editor, and Games for Windows - Live support integrated into Unreal Engine 3. In addition, all of the Xbox 360 downloadable content released thus far will be included, for a total of 19 multiplayer maps.

Epic producer Rod Fergusson said that "Gears PC is almost on a different engine," referring to the work that went into the Unreal Engine 3 to make the game scalable for varied specs including low-end computers. Of course, to get the most of it you'll want to crank the game's DirectX 10-supported visuals to their full resolution with all the eye candy turned on. For more information and impressions, you can head over to Shacknews to read a hands-on preview of Gears of War for the PC.