When I first saw this, I almost didn't believe it. In fact, I still somewhat don't. Despite that, BiTMICRO Networks has announced they will unleased upon the world an 832GB solid-state drive, putting all existing and announced models to shame. At more than 10 times the current typical SSD offering, the drive also supposedly boasts a 100MB/s sustained read rates and manages to pack the entire thing into a 2.5" enclosure.

This is the second bold announcement they've made, with late last year a 417GB drive in the works. These claims, while exciting, are still just claims. BiTMICRO will begin releasing high-capacity SSDs in the first quarter of this year, so they say, so time will tell on whether or not they will live up to their promise.

It does seem a bit odd that other vendors like SanDisk are still touting much smaller drives as the next big thing, and then a company comes along announcing capacities that rival mechanical disks. We'll keep an eye out for this one.