Have you ever particularly worried about what your computer smells like? As long as it doesn't smell like smoke or burning plastic, I've been pretty content with the "factory" odor that just about every new piece of hardware comes with. That's not enough for some, it seems, who want a machine that is pleasing to the nose as well as pleasing to the touch.

Asus is going after them, with the introduction of the F6V-C1 line of laptops. The machines come in a variety of colors and designs, intending to be aesthetically pleasing. On top of that, each color of the laptop comes with its own smell as well, ranging from "Grass" to "Cologne" to "Flower" and more.

The laptops are fairly compact, though certainly not as small as the Eee line, and boast modest hardware to accompany their look and smell. You can read more in the press release.