If you are still a Firefox 2 user, you may want to consider upgrading to Firefox 3 sooner rather than later. Mozilla's planned end of life (EOL) for Firefox 2 is approaching, with the company preparing to officially drop support for the browser starting next month. The most prominent effect this will have on Firefox 2 users is the lack of future security updates, which could prove to be risky as time goes on and more flaws are discovered.

Mozilla is obviously encouraging people to upgrade to Firefox 3. Some people have delayed in updating due to concerns they have with FF3, such as the new behavior of the address bar and stability concerns. While most of the complaints that people had about FF3 have been addressed since launch, and many other complaints can be overcome by configuration tweaks, it has not swayed every heart.

Even if you are attached to Firefox 2, a lack of future security updates is an important consideration. So, update today!