An intriguing new job listing on Netflix's website might suggest that they're seeking to provide video streaming services to more consoles. The Engineering Leader---Gaming Platforms job listing calls for a person with deep experience developing and testing media rich applications as well as experience developing games on current generation gaming consoles to understand their technical hurdles. It continues on to state that the applicant should expect to build and lead a small technology team to rapidly prototype and iterate on a variety of platforms.

This would imply at least one of two things; either Netflix is intending on delving into the game streaming realm, or they are moving to provide video streaming services on other consoles besides the 360. Considering the fact that Netflix currently offers over 12,000 videos on Xbox Live and that over 1 million Xbox Live Gold subscribers have used the service since its launch in November 2008, it may not be such a bad move for Netflix to expand their horizons. Do you see yourself partaking in the service if it were provided on the Wii or PlayStation 3?