Now that a consumer backlash has forced it to temporarily halt its consumption-based billing trials, Time Warner Cable is apparently having second thoughts about their planned DOCSIS 3.0 service that will supposedly deliver speeds of up to 50Mbps. "It was scheduled as part of CBB [consumption-based billing] trial, but we all know how you feel about that," said the company's VP of public relations responding to GigaOM on Twitter.

The company starting talking up its ultra-fast internet service last year and promised a phased roll-out in 2009. Attitudes seem to have changed, however, now that the company might not get a cash infusion from pricey metered usage plans. DOCSIS 3.0 hasn't necessarily been scrapped, but the company maintains that it needs the extra revenue to pay for the upgrades - even though their own numbers seem to show otherwise. Hopefully we'll get more detailed explanations outside of 140 character Twitter messages soon.