Sony first revealed plans for 3D-capable Bravia televisions earlier this year, and most recently it also laid out some ideas for stuffing the technology into its Blu-ray players, VAIO laptops and PlayStation 3 console. While it remains to be seen how consumers in general react to the idea, the company is apparently very confident of its success, expecting around 30 to 50 percent of all the TVs it sells from April 2012 to be 3D-enabled.

These sets will include a small piece of additional hardware to enable the 3D functionality. The extra hardware isn't likely to have a big price premium, but the glasses required to see 3D content could be sold separately for up to $200. The idea is to keep prices competitive with other sets while only requiring a higher expense from customers who want access to the additional functionality.

The company's 3D strategy is said to revolve around gaming, films and sports. But Sony isn't the only one betting on the technology to secure future sales. Earlier this month, Asus unveiled a pair of laptops with Nvidia's 3D Vision built in, and we've heard about multiple TV vendors readying a wave of 3D compatible sets for next year. We are hoping to hear a lot more details at CES 2010 this January.