In addition to warning letters, Verizon spokeswoman Bobbi Henson admitted to CNET that the company has disconnected users who were caught repeatedly pirating media. Henson noted that Verizon reserved the right to discontinue service, and that the company doesn't impose bandwidth caps like Comcast.

While she didn't reveal precisely how many people have been cut off, Henson did say that it was only a small number. She also mentioned that preliminary warnings are generally effective, and the company doesn't usually have to issue a second notice or take any further action. In many cases, it's a teenager downloading music, movies or games and parents take care of it once alerted.

Verizon is the first ISP to publicly acknowledge compliance with the RIAA's new antipiracy strategy. In December 2008 the RIAA said it would stop suing individuals, and would instead notify ISPs of suspected pirates. Internet providers would then issue a warning to the user, and the RIAA encouraged ISPs to interrupt the service of repeat offenders.