Update: Logitech has denied the rumors claiming that such a halt wouldn't even be necessary as "every Logitech Revue companion box will receive free over-the-air updates whenever Google and Logitech release software enhancements."

Following rumors of Google TV partners being asked to pull their products from next month's Consumer Electronics Show, Taipei-based publication DigiTimes reports that Logitech is also temporarily stopping production of its Revue set-top box. The device is still being sold online as far as we can tell, but according to the site, Logitech has told Gigabyte to freeze shipments of Revue components from December through January as Google releases an update to its software.

Neither Logitech nor Google have confirmed the rumors but, if true, it would mark the second set of products being delayed as a result of Google TV not being quite ready to ship out. Actual sales figures have not been made public, but most people seem to agree that they are well below expectations, while early reviews suggest that Google TV devices are not ready yet to offer serious competition against the likes of Apple or Roku – of course not everyone is as negative.

DigiTimes says component suppliers in Taiwan expect Google to unveil Android 3.0 in the second half of February or March 2011 at the earliest, and related supporting suppliers will then resume shipments. Meanwhile, both the new Apple TV (launched in September) and Roku are expected to break the 1 million sales mark in 2010.